I don't want to just show up to our shoot, take your photos, and leave. I want to genuinely get to know you and have you leaving our shoot feeling like you just had a great time with an old friend. I am down to do absolutely anything with you from hiking up a mountain, crossing a river, running around downtown, or just coming to your home and photographing you in your element. Whatever journey you desire, I will be happy to be along for the ride. This is about YOU not me. I am here to document your love in anyway you feel would tell your story best!

I will be so much more than just a photographer

The Experience

I’m a total introvert in my normal day to day life but during photo shoots I am such an extrovert! I will more than likely be full of energy during our entire shoot. I just cannot contain my excitement and I am very vocal about how cute and beautiful the photos are while shooting. I am always the hype girl you didn't know you needed because let's be honest; getting your picture taken can be hard so whatever I can do to make you feel as confident and comfortable as possible is always the goal!


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